We Are Musicians Corner UAE

Musician’s Corner was established in 2006, making it one of the best musical instrument retailers in the UAE. Our aim is to bring you a wonderful range of guitars, pianos & keyboards, bowed, woodwind and brass instruments, drums & percussion, amps & effects, music accessories and music books – all with excellent quality and value for money.



We have the best and most affordable selection of musical instruments. Our staff will help you get the most suitable instrument according to your budget and requirement.

We have an experienced customer service team on hand who really know their stuff and can advise you for the instrument you have been looking for. Whether you’re a seasoned professional musician, or just starting out, our staff are there to give you great service and the best advice.

We stock a wide selection of instruments ranging from beginners level to the high-end brands. Â We have a large turnover of products so if you can’t find what you are looking for, we can help you by finding it and making it available to you.

Our dedicated commitment to the quality of service has set Musician’s Corner in the top echelon of the musical instrument retail industry.

Musician’s Corner is one of the foremost suppliers of musical instruments to schools, colleges and universities in the UAE.

Visit us at our showroom – if you are not already a musician, it might just spark that fire inside you to follow a passion you have always had but never been able to release!!!