Hidersine Violin Venezia Antique Finish

Brand:  Hidersine
Price:  AED2550   


The Hidersine Venezia is a superb instrument with a truly authentic, rouged brown antiqued finish. 


Model Number H-VL-VEN44
Back Carved Figured Maple
Neck Carved Figured Maple
Ribs Carved Figured Maple
Bow Fully Mounted Octagonal Brazilwood
Bridge Finish Maple
Case Type Quality Oblong
Fingerboard Ebony
Finish Antiqued Rouge-Brown Oil Varnish
Outfit Outfit
Peg Type Wooden Pegs
Rosin Hidersine
Size 4/4
Strings H100
Table Carved Solid Spruce
Tailpiece Ebony
Tuners 4 Integral Fine Tuners