John Packer JP042B Bb Tenor Saxophone

Brand:  John Packer
Price:  AED5060   


This excellent instrument is designed with the beginner in mind but capable of a high standard of play. Musically versatile, it has good tonal and dynamic characteristics and is supplied with a backpack style case and JP mouthpiece. High F#. Stunning performance level. Although capable of a very high standard of play, these instruments are priced to be attractive in the starter player market. The mouthpiece that is supplied is fine to get a novice started, but an upgrade mouthpiece will allow the instrument to reach it's full potential.

The Yamaha range of mouthpieces are a cost effective option and will offer a good improvement. A mid range or professional mouthpiece will lift the performance to the highest levels. The JP042 Bb Tenor Saxophone is supplied with a variety of accessories to help players get started. A robust hard case is included as standard. The instrument also includes a JP5C Mouthpiece and suitable sling to aid comfort and to increase playing time.


Model Number JP042B
Additional Specification Floating plate design for little finger (LH) cluster - Aids faster movement Full ribbed construction - For strength, durability and extra resonance 'Abalone pearls